Ziva and toni dating


Just my dad and our family from NCIS," Tony explained to them."Gibbs, will you walk me down the aisle? "You don't even have to ask." Gibbs replied."Tim..." Tony began. The next few hours were spent talking about the wedding."Di Nozzo," Gibbs called and motioned for Tony to follow him out of earshot of everyone. " Ziva asked and Abby laughed."I went through the same questions when I finally married, Tim."Of course," Tim replied knowing what Tony was going to ask. When I got out there and saw him at the altar though...everything seemed to fall into place." Abby told her.

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For a minute, everyone just stared and then Abby threw her arms first around Tony and then Ziva."Well it's about time." Gibbs said as he shook Tony's hand and everyone laughed."When is the wedding?

He opened and there stood, Ziva."What took you so long? "Let's go then." He said grabbing his wallet and coat, then locked the door. Tony knocked and they heard little footsteps."Kate!

" Abby called as Kate opened the door, with Abby right behind her.

Special Agents Tony Di Nozzo and Ziva David have been dancing a will-they-or-won't-they dance since the day they met. But also we don't really know what happened to them. was probably the most intimate thing they'd ever done.

The best ambiguous and not-so-ambiguous moments of their sexual-tension-ridden not-quite-love affair. And really, even though they've already been naked together and they danced in Berlin and they shared a bedroom in Paris, holding hands in a car in the U.

It seemed like a dream as Tony and Ziva said their vows and kissed."I now give you Mr. Anthony Di Nozzo JR." Said the preacher as Ziva and Tony made their way back down the aisle.

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