Updating name on passport

Q.6: I changed the address – on which address the UID card will deliver?A: Of course your new UID card will be delivered to the updated address. If you have any doubts related to the information about UIDAI update then do leave a comment here at the end of the post.A: Only one document for each modification – prefer color scanned copy. So, please be careful while filling the application form and also attach the necessary support documents as well.Q.4: How many days it will take to get it updated by the UIDAI? , don’t need to worry much about that – the UIDAI will automatically send the updates to your registered mobile number.We are there to help you avoid unnecessary rejections, save time and reduce costs by getting things right on the first try.

If your mobile number is not registered then in that case you need to contact the PAC center to get it updated. Fill the application form both in English and local language. You are only supposed to fill the blank spaces which are a need for modification. If you want to make modifications in address/Identity/DOB attach the necessary documents – One document is enough for each update request. – for the process of a speedy verification process. If your child is below 5 years parents are allowed to sign the request form. Please do mention on envelope as Hope you will understand on how to proceed with the UIDAI update.

UIDAI Update – A definitive guide on how to update you UID card online.

It’s pretty common that most of the people will do mistake while filling out the new aadhaar card application form.

All of the information and details should be gathered from the official website to make it easy for you.

First, we go with the online procedure followed by offline and also we do list such that you will get a complete idea and you will come to know the list of mistakes in order to avoid again. As per UIDAI update, your mobile number must be registered with your aadhaar card.

Below do share the offline procedure also do check it out.

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