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The ‘workshop system’ was first described in detail by Kraft in relation to Asia Minor.He discovered many instances from the second and especially the third century AD where coins in the name of different cities were struck from the same obverse dies.

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The enormous variety in coin images and the existence of designs exclusive to particular cities show that the existence of workshops did not undermine the local relevance of coin designs, but it cannot be ruled out that the ‘workshops’ might have been responsible for some choices.The background for this widespread phenomenon was the intense rivalry between the cities of the East.‘Alliances’ could be a means of settling disputes, but were also used to build coalitions in order to enhance a city’s status by aligning itself either with many cities or with particularly important ones.If you cannot read the entire legend, the following “wildcard” characters may help: Use * for groups of letters you cannot read.Use an underscore ( _ ) for single letters you cannot read.The Bosporan kingdom struck (increasingly debased) gold and bronze coins, Edessa silver and bronze.

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