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Tristan sets out to alleviate tension in the air by censoring all gala night ...See full summary ยป Director: Philip Earnshaw Shay is given the opportunity of a lifetime, but must apologize for the protest & compromise her values in order to get it.In 2009, Grimes was named one of the world's most beautiful people, without makeup, by People magazine.Consequently, she started a campaign called "Spread The Heart" with the aim of supporting Japan by victim relief after the events of the tsunami and earthquakes.Many celebrities joined the campaign which later became a big movement.In the fall of 2011, she directed a music video for Megan and Liz's original song "Are You Happy Now?

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Ricardo Antonio Hoyos is a Canadian actor who portrayed Zig Novak on Degrassi and Degrassi: Next Class.When her sickness doesn't go away, Manny begins to worry it may be something more than the flu.Stars: Stacey Farber, Miriam Mc Donald, Drake, Shane Kippel Manny and Craig's pregnancy is outed by the furious Ashley to the whole school during lunch." to raise awareness about anti-bullying, in partnership with Do In 2013, Grimes starred in the film Sugar about a runaway girl living on the streets of Venice, Los Angeles.Grimes attended City Academy, a private school for her last two years of high school.

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