Direct internet dating jewish personals


Yes, it is necessary to trust and believe in God for your mate, but you may have to apply a certain degree of effort and searching in order to be successful at finding a mate.Going as far back as Abraham’s effort to find his son Isaac a mate in Genesis 24, and continuing to this day, God has been very involved with mate selection, so finding one must always be done in a Godly manner and in accordance with faith and trust in Him.On the other hand, sites like this may be perfect for introverts who do not get out much and may have trouble meeting people of the opposite sex.For those who are busy and have minimal opportunities to socialize, online dating sites may provide a means for them to meet people who could potentially become mates. Dating and marriage carry responsibilities that not everyone is prepared for.If you use an online dating site (also called online personals) to filter through a waiting pool of potential mates, are you truly trusting and believing in God?There appear to be two extreme points of view when it comes to dating and marriage.

While these sites are not sinful in and of themselves, they can be harmful for those who are functioning outside of God’s guidance.Even if you decide that online dating is God’s will for you, make sure you use Godly discernment throughout the process.Make sure you are not doing this with purely selfish motives.You must use Holy Spirit discernment as to the “where” and “how” you search for a mate.In Genesis 24, Abraham gave his servant direction as to where to search for a wife for his son Isaac.These sites can present a “quick fix” for immature Christians who have become impatient waiting on God’s blessing, and want to take the matter into their own hands.

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