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(Although visitors might be lucky and get free plates of sandwiches and cocktail sausages passed round at the end of the night).

Belfast native Stephen Toman is head chef at Ox, which hosted a pop-up at Dead Rabbit in 2016.

The well-established Deanes -- the family of restaurants which includes the Michelin-starred EIPIC -- is planning a collaboration with Dead Rabbit later this year.

Mosaic tiles, scalloped lamps and a burnished primrose ceiling are just some of the timeworn details, but the snugs are the icing on the cake. Blackboards on bare brick walls list daily specials, including beer-battered fish, salt-and-chilli squid, crab claws, scrumptious scallops and, just in case the carnivores feel left out, a rib-eye steak.Sure, The Spaniard's grungy, East Village feel is hardly original, and the security can be surly, to say the least - but there's something about the rebellious nature of the place (set directly across from the five-star Merchant Hotel and its fancy cocktails), the collection of vinyl plastered to its ceilings and the cramped punters bopping away to indie tunes that wins you over. The menu is bursting with tempting Italian goodies (specials on my visit included a charred peach bruschetta with chilli and Parma ham, and a ravioli with roast chicken and peas), so bring a big appetite. It's the house restaurant and cafe at Cultúrlann Mc Adam Ó Fiach on West Belfast's Falls Road.Twin a visit here with a trip to Muriel's down the road for a Short Cross gin with orange peel. I came for the glorious piece of street art on its gable end. A cool, curvy redbrick extension patches the Gerard Dillon Gallery onto a former Presbyterian Church, and the restaurant feels like a crossroads - and a feeding station - for an entire community (Friday is steak night). Details: 216 Falls Road; You'll either dig this place, or you won't.OX - a slickly minimalist bistro set in a former tile shop on Oxford Street - continues to wow critics with its mix of exquisite food, unstuffy ambiance and sensational presentation.Dishes like Mourne mountain lamb - served with chicory, black olives or asparagus - or rabbit saddle and braised pork with snippets of beetroot, carrot and broccoli (above) easily stand up to any Michelin Starred restaurant south of the border.Overall -This is average percentage of driving time a driver spends in congestion.

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