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better known by her stage name T-Boz, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, author, and executive producer.Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Watkins rose to fame in the early 1990s as a member of the girl-group TLC.In addition, she has been a featured vocalist on such songs as: "Ghetto Love" with Da Brat, "Changes" with Society of Soul, "He Say She Say" with Keith Sweat, "Different Times" with Raphael Saadiq and "Be Somebody" with Paula Cole.Watkins has worked as an actress, appearing in Hype Williams' 1998 film Belly.TLC's Chilli Talks Kickstarter-Funded Final Album: 'We Have to Involve the Fans'"'Creep,' unfortunately, was one of my true stories," T-Boz says with a laugh."You're with a guy and he's not showing you attention, so another guy comes along and you're like, 'Hey, if you were where you were supposed to be, he couldn't be showing me attention right now!

The show chronicled Watkins' quest to create a solo album, reunite with bandmember, Chilli, and her life with her daughter Chase. Their favorite memory of Left-Eye: Chilli: The best thing for me was how much she loved to cook.T-Boz: We're all pranksters, but I think she was the president of it.They also released a soundtrack album 20 marking both the band's 20-plus year legacy in entertainment business and the release of their biopic, this album included a new track written by singer Ne-Yo, "Meant to Be". In October 2009, Watkins revealed that she had secretly battled a potentially fatal brain tumor for three years.In March 2006, she was diagnosed as having a grape-sized acoustic neuroma on her vestibular nerve that affected her balance, weight, hearing, sight, and facial movement.According to entertainment reporter Viviana Vigil, a commentator in an episode of the Reelz TV series Broke & Famous, Watkins spent ,000 a month and owed 0,000 on her home despite a reported income of ,000 a month.

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