The cougar dating show

For more on the cougar survey, go to I just don't see why people often think that young men who date older women are dating them because of their money.Older women are much more interesting and they have this confidence that younger women never have.Many over-40 women don't mind being called "cougars" but they are redefining cougar dating.

About a third of them say they will never go back to dating men their own age.I think that us older men and women may just be more appealing to younger lovers than society wants to believe.Maybe it's nature’s way of giving us all a new lease on life.He was a drunk, stole from her, and physically abused her; he tried to run Annie off a cliff to get the farm but she was wilier than him and ran him off with her shotgun.I'd guess none of the people in that report bear any resemblance to her in any way even if they think of themselves as cougars. Merely dating someone younger than you doesn't make you a cougar.This is the Demi-Ashton world, after all: over-40 women often exercise, use botox, take consummate care of themselves and create a youthfulness and vitality that belies their physical age.

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