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They therefore poured hundreds of millions of dollars into right wing nationalist-secessionist political parties in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo to tear the country apart.According to Bono's autopsy report, "some of the fractured bone pieces have a curved configuration" consistent with being struck by the barrel of a .45 or 9mm pistol, Fletcher explained. multi-national corporations control and exploit the world economy and impose their economic and political power on the peoples of the world. As the financial reporter for the Times in the European financial capital of Frankfurt, Nash nurtured close ties with financial and corporate elites as well as with the U. government and intelligence agencies, with whom he had already had close ties as a result of his post in Latin America in the 1980's. Throughout his career Brown hopped from government position to lobbyist and private business and back again. The purpose of the ill fated trip was to ferry top corporate leaders across Yugoslavia, to seek out "business opportunities" and to present them to the new puppet regimes of Bosnia and Croatia put into power by the U. Having secured the rise to power of these fascistic regimes in Croatia and Bosnia after five years of civil war, the U. expects to bring in swarms of these corporate vultures, and with full confidence of compliance say to the Croats and Muslims: "Listen up, boys, we want this, this and this. and Western sponsored war in Yugoslavia destroyed much of the infrastructure of Bosnia and parts of Croatia.Experts differ on Ron Brown's head wound (Pittsburg Tribune-Review) Dec. Moreover, this power is used in the interests of a single, elite socio-economic class. Sign here." A difference of opinion at this point is unthinkable. Consider for a moment the types of corporations represented by the dead executives and what their intentions were. Now these same countries will pour billions of our tax dollars into reconstructing it (not to the Serbs though! But this money goes directly into the pockets of U. (and to a lesser extent other Western) corporations.For a comparison, consider how the media rushes to report the deaths of working people, foreigners or criminals in disasters, often in unsympathetic or even gloating ways. A more notorious example was the shooting down of KAL 007 over the Soviet Union in 1984.Rather than respect for life -- for which the media has none -- the cautious reporting of bad news is inspired only by a respect for power and self-interest. The truth about how the Reagan administration organized this as a planned provocation against the Soviet Union went unreported for years.Instead of admitting the obvious, that these corporate executives were not there for charity, but rather for material self-interest, the media spun a web of incredible lies. The first was the "we want to re-build Bosnia" lie. responsible for the Yugoslav civil war, but it is also responsible for destroying the economic achievements of three generations of Yugoslavs.

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