Microdefs error liveupdate had an error updating the virus definitions


Fix ID: 3673616 Symptom: The Common Client Crash Handler fills the client hard drive with large memory dump files generated by the frequent crashing of cc Svc

Solution: Disable the Common Client trace crash handler settings once the Symantec Endpoint Protection installer exits.

This document lists the new fixes and component versions in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 Release Update 6 (SEP RU6, or 12.1.6).

This information supplements the information found in the Release Notes.

Fix ID: 3680595, 3682969, 3721675 Symptom: In environments with large numbers of content definition downloads, crashes.

Solution: Fixed the logic in the high-performance file download routines for Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager’s implementation.

After upgrade to SEP 12.1 RU5, unexpected server error: "Latest full not found" Fix ID: 3646984 Symptom: Certain content definitions, such as CIDS signatures, do not update during Live Update for Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager due to the incorrect removal of the latest content definitions.

Solution: Updated Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager’s routines to appropriately manage latest and non-latest full definition content removal logic.

Solution: Correctly handle an event with the wrong number of fields so that Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager can continue to process events that are in the correct format.Fix ID: 3652490 Symptom: The Symantec Endpoint Protection client cannot download the full definition contents (full.zip) when multiple concurrent downloads are in progress from the Group Update Provider.Solution: Added support for multiple concurrent content downloads from the Group Update Provider.Fix ID: 3632782 Symptom: With a Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 RU5 client that installs only Virus and Spyware Protection and Advanced Download Protection, Download Insight malfunctions on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 platforms, due to a missing component.Solution: Updated the installer to correctly install all necessary Symantec Endpoint Protection kernel components when only the Virus and Spyware Protection and Advanced Download Protection options are chosen.Fix ID: 3620589 Symptom: The -p command-line option does not work when the password defined in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager policy exceeds 15 characters.

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