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ie not many want to be porn stars, for example, but quite a lot want to get married and have a husband who earns well and live in a nice house.

But many film stars considered great beauties emobody the Irish look, so it appears your attraction is more to foreigners.

Ive dated some in the past but i find that despite my initial attraction for them, i ultimately have more in common with irish women. Why do you think it's bad that you don't want to be with someone that you don't find physically attractive? This post may irritate the fatties who will tell you that you should settle and explore each poor soul because they all have great hearts deep down. Even if you date only attractive women you won't be able to connect with them in any real way. Obviously something wrong there that has nothing to do with looks See the picture. thats all well and good, but as you said, you couldnt connect with them.

As long as you're not completely off your rocker waiting for some Megan Fox lookalike to come into your life and fall into your arms, don't settle. Sure you can base it all on personality, but we're physical creatures and physical attraction is a big part of who we are. You don't wake up beside someone in the morning and think "God, I want to ride the hell out of the whale because she has a great personality"If it's that big a deal, take a few holidays. I'd advise you to go where you will meet women in a way that allows you to get to know them as people. Isnt that evidence enough that clearly personality plays a huge part in forming relationships.

Should i just date women i meet that i have zero physical attractiveness for, or should i hang on in there? I'm not Irish or male (or gay), but I happen to think Irish women are very attractive. Get one of them and you've got the best of both worlds.

Ive found that im far more attracted to foreign women compared to irish women. can anyone help me or should I serious address my shallowness? attractive women makes me think you are somewhat deluded about your own looks. You are missing out and only you can change that, by getting to know what is inside a woman and that is what makes a person truly attractive, not the size of their breasts, colour of hair, height, etc. Pavillion, the problem isn't that you are shallow, it is that you cannot identify with women. You need to lower your expectations, OP, because if you are looking for the perfect woman. As for your comments on finding women abroad attractive.

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In fact, you will get pretty much the full range of beauties in Ireland typical of most of Northern Europe, albeit more representation of the Celtic type, so if you can't find a beauty in Ireland, I think you are looking for a different racial type entirely.stick to what you want, better than coming to her after a year or more with "I dont find you attractive" will be a killer for hersunflower: As a professional man, whos in a brill relationship with non-local, I still believe that personality "thingie" does vary from a male and a female.. My problem is, i'm too fixated on looks and i'm very picky.Don't get me wrong, im always friendly and im not rude, but I find that i just cant entertain a huge interest in the girl if i don't find her physically attractive, and it seems no single irish women that i meet are good looking enough for me. I've probably watched far too many movies and expect that sort of standard of looks in real life.Another problem is that most of my friends have girlfriends now except for me and its all down to my shallow pickyness.

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