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Remnants of the torn label from the package were found nearby and we suspect the package was opened shortly after it was stolen.

Inside of the package was a folded United States Flag.

The victim had a family member who helped raise him as a child. When the family member passed away, this Flag was draped on his coffin and later presented to his family in memorial of his service.

Because of the childhood relationship between that Veteran and this victim, the Flag was sent to the victim to keep. Usually during the day, a suspect will walk, drive or pedal along a road, opening mailboxes and stealing the contents, or they will steal packages left on people’s front porches.

Please review the Tenant Selection Plan for further eligibility requirements that may impact eligibility for housing.

These two documents provide important information to you about living in subsidized housing.

We encourage you to review them both before completing your application.

The Tenant Selection Plan provides further detail about eligibility, application/verification procedures, screening criteria, waitlist order, unit occupancy standards, reasonable accommodations, and more.

If they find small valuable items that are untraceable, they will trade them for dope or sell them for quick cash.In order to submit an application for housing at Providence St.Francis House, you must meet the following initial eligibility requirements.Our apartments were built and designed to give seniors (age 62 and older) an affordable and welcoming place to call home. Francis house is pleased to offer on-site service coordination to help residents age in place. Completed applications must be printed, signed and mailed to the management office of the House(s) you’re applying to.Applicants who appear to meet all eligibility requirements will be added to the wait list and will be contacted when their application nears the top.If your phone number or address changes, or you have a change in household composition, income, or other circumstances that may affect your application, you must contact the office to update information on your application.

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