Validating special characters


This tutorial will show you how to deal with validation of special characters in contact form of JS Animated template.More Premium Java Script Website Themes you may find here: If you're testing a local page on IE, be sure to enable scripting.See for an example: Active X Warning in Internet Explorer | Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or Active X controls Thanks for ur help.You can specify a Unicode character by using the \u is a four-digit hexadecimal number.[a-z A-Z_ .]*)*$/.test(str) .test(str) returns boolean value if matched true and not matched false c# : ^[a-z A-Z] (([\'\,\.\-_ \/)(:][a-z A-Z_ ])?I have some javascript written to validate that a string is alphanumeric but i was just wondering how i could add some code to include hyphens(-) and slash's(/) as acceptable inputs.That way you can remove any individual character you want to disallow.Also, you want to include the start and end of string placemarkers ^ and $ Update: As elclanrs understood (and the rest of us didn't, initially), the [\w] is the same as [a-z A-Z0-9_] Though the dash doesn't need escaping when it's at the start or end of the list, I prefer to do it in case other characters are added.

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If the function finds a special character matched with the variable, then the alert pops up then and there.I couldn’t find any propertie on table fields like “Block special characters”, because of that I am using a class that validate each character of a string using containers.Normally I call this class by Overriding the method Validate Field() from table.The Drop Down List will be specified as Control Parameter in the Sql Data Source Filter Parameters, so that when a Value is selected in the Drop Down List it will filter the Grid View Records.Also used in lookahead assertions, described under (?For example, I have used the Table Logistics Eletronic Address which is responsible to save contact information like e-mail and telephone. *]*$’); // return true if name matches the criteria otherwise return false is Valid = reg Ex Match.get_Success(); Regards, Bilal Yes, I think the biggest advantage is being able to define our own character set.

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