Ear dating


Individuals can also place ear plugs into the ear after coating them with a small amount of petroleum jelly.

Several seconds of heat from a hair dryer following a shower or work is an effective method of reducing moisture.

Visible wax can be removed with a cotton swab following this treatment.

To do this, an individual can pour a small amount of peroxide into the ear and then tilt the head to the side to allow the solution to run out.

Note that when the peroxide bubbles, it can allow water to get trapped inside the ear, which is a risk factor for bacterial infection.

The heat can soften hardened wax and help it move out of the ear.

When the wax is visible, a cotton tipped swab can be used in an outward moving motion to withdraw the wax.

After putting the water and alcohol into the ear, the syringe can be used to withdraw the water out or the individual can rest on his side to allow the fluid to drain.

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