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However, if a foreign male individual is meeting a Yemeni woman for the first time in a business setting, humour will not generally be welcome and may create tension in relations.

I have also experienced a refusal to shake hands for religious reasons.It is preferable to keep a certain distance on first approach and to allow trust to grow. Yemenites are courteous, warm, and very welcoming people.Unless you know the people you are speaking with very well, discussions about religion, faith, and the status of women are to be completely avoided.Yemenis of the same sex like to stand close to each other far different than what is customary here in Canada.One must avoid appearing to distance themselves in such situations as this is viewed as sign of disrespect and signal coldness to the Yemeni host.In this domain, moderate opinions are rarely the norm. Yemenites are very discrete about their wives, but speak willingly and proudly about their children.

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