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Over many years, Russian chefs adapted and developed this dish and refining it with chopped onions and raw eggs.– Ships from the German port of Hamburg, Germany began calling on Russian port.

Referring to ground beef as hamburger dates to the invention of the mechanical meat choppers during the 1800s. Coffman of Virginia received Patent Number 3935 on February 28, 1845 for an “Improvement in Machines for Cutting Sausage-Meat” using a spiral feeder and rotating knives something like a modern food grinder.Serve very hot with butter or Maitre de’ Hotel sauce.– Pound a slice of round steak enough to break the fibre.Today, this hamburger patty is no longer called Hamburg Steak in Germany but rather “Frikadelle,” “Frikandelle” or “Bulette,” orginally Italian and French words.According to Theodora Fitzgibbon in her book The originated on the German Hamburg-Amerika line boats, which brought emigrants to America in the 1850s.There was at that time a famous Hamburg beef which was salted and sometimes slightly smoked, and therefore ideal for keeping on a long sea voyage.

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