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"I think I need some time to understand that I won the Olympic Games." It would begin to sink in, she said, when she gets her medal in tonight's ceremony in Pyeongchang.In addition to her jaw-dropping talent, Zagitova has drawn scrutiny for the composition of her program, in which she saves all the most complicated moves for the second half, to maximize their scoring potential."All day I was terrified, I was so nervous, but it is a program I feel super comfortable with in practice, and I was so ready to show it in competition — that's exactly what I felt." Osmond's score: 152.15, putting her into second place overall — a bump up from third and assuring her of a medal.But then it was all up to Medvedeva, skating in the final slot of the day to "Anna Karenina" by Dario Marianelli.The question in the arena was: Would the reigning world champion take gold, or silver?Medvedeva's fluid technique and ability to express herself on the ice — while pulling off jumps with technical skill and grace — are captivating. ET Friday Alina Zagitova narrowly beat her teammate Evgenia Medvedeva in the women's singles figure skating competition at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, winning the first gold medal for the Olympic Athlete from Russia team."I haven't fully realized yet that I've won," said Zagitova, who is just 15.

"I was so excited, I was so ready for this program," Osmond said later.

The size of the arena is specified to be 56 - 60m in length and 26 - 30m in width.

In the Olympic Winter Games, a total of 5 events are contended, including the men’s and ladies’ singles, ice dance, and pairs where men and ladies compete together, and team event.

Of her bronze medal, Osmond said, "Not long after the last Olympics, I didn't even know that I would be competing at this one. trio, Tennell led the way in this final, after trailing on Wednesday.

It means so much, and to know that I fought so hard in the last four years." She added, "My main goal was to place higher than 13th, which I did, and I improved that by 10 placements. She and Chen turned in solid, but far from perfect, performances that left them behind Russian athlete Maria Sotskova.

Figure skating is an ice sport where athletes wear bladed skates and perform different specific acrobatic movements.

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