Robert and ashley sytycd dating

Who knew there would be a perfect song for that scenario. Good characters, high energy, kinda goofy but technically very sound – great way to start the show! Cole is a little bit of a ‘TRY-hard’, and I think he needs to snap out of it.

Getting into character is one thing, pretending you are NOT in character, but that the character has embodied you is an entirely different and awkward viewing situation.

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He is charasmatic, strong and puts 100% into every dance he’s given. Jordan – paired with the perfect picture of dance, Brandon.

They were given contemporary, and Jordan was forced to grow up a bit to dance with such a strong partner. I have personality issues with this girl, but she CAN dance, and last night, she danced at the same level as her All-Star.

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The dance was good, his odd personality may have been a turn off. If I have to be honest, I enjoyed her first piece far better.

She will be stretched in this competition, and it will be interesting to see if her youth impedes her art.

Caitlynn – and Pasha (swoon) took on a steamy, sultry, slow moving Tango.

errr, Step Up something) can all fit together in a neatly compact, 2-hour package. So all the dancers performed in pairs again this week – and the bottom 6 from last wee’s performances were picked from the bunch to face elimination at the hands of the judges. America always makes the wrong decision in these situations, I’m perfectly happy to give that power back to the hands of the Sovereign judging panel.

Let’s talk about last night’s performances: Cole/Lindsey – a Jazzy/Hip Hop number about a nerd going to the dentist.

Hollywood’s Man for Every Event/Occasion Neil Patrick Harris joined the panel. THey were given a fast, intricate and hip-defining Samba.

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