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However, the increasing number of cases that are reported serve to highlight what a massive problem this has become.Some have even called it an epidemic but one that has been brushed under the carpet.He even tried to contact Jackson after his 1989 wedding but Jacksons wife, Siobhan, had told him to "never to approach [Jackson] again". "Jackson was something very special to me and it just got out of hand...I have always felt guilty about what did happen, I thought he grew out of all that."But like many victims of sexual abuse, Jackson was scarred for life and no amount of success on the football field, in the media and even in his personal life could cure him of the pain he felt within.

The undisclosed settlement was believed to be in the vicinity of 0,000 but no amount of money could ever make up for the loss of her husband under such tragic circumstances.

However, we have recorded many of the cases that were brought to trial in the 1990s.

The first case we list involves a man whose tragic death you may already know about but the reasons behind this Aussie legends demise may come as more of a surprise to many of you.

The teacher involved was Ossie Mc Namara, a former Catholic Marist brother who had previously been convicted for indecently dealing with a boy at a Brisbane school and had also been charged with assault and indecently dealing with a male arising from his time at St Josephs College in Queensland in the 1970s.

Mc Namara confessed to molesting Jackson and said he felt guilty about it after being told that the abuse had tormented Jackson later in life.

No-one wants to talk about these crimes because, for many of us, they are too horrific to believe and the gap from trusted spiritual leader to paedophile is just too difficult for many to traverse. But these cases of child sex abuse, perpetrated by religious leaders, must be faced -- no matter how difficult that may be -- if we, as a society, are to reduce their number or, better yet, eradicate them altogether.

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