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Another student, also preferring to remain anonymous, noted: “people think it seems desperate or promiscuous, and sometimes dating apps have a reputation of having ‘creeps’ or people who just want to have sex, so that might be part of [it].” Darya Parzei, who is completing her Masters in Education, doesn’t think there is a stigma, especially among Millennials.She says: “I think now everyone is so modern and busy, that it’s hard to find someone and say ‘oh, I met my husband, or whatever at a grocery store’ – like, everyone is looking at their phones and their heads are down.Caracas has repeatedly fended off default on sovereign and Pd V debt through new oil-backed loans, selling or swapping assets and restructuring existing bonds.Details on Venezuela's new payments system are sparse because the plan still "under development," a central bank official said. The Argus talked to sixty Lakehead University students to find out (but the answer to that last one is unanimously “no.”) Ranging from Tinder, Bumble, and OK Cupid to Plenty of Fish, Badoo, and Her (plus one called Be Naughty), only 40% of students surveyed said they had tried a dating app – but 75% have a friend that uses them.One student, who prefers to remain anonymous, notes that “in the past you would always meet with someone face to face and that’s how you would get to know people, whereas online you read through a profile and it’s quite a different approach, so I think people don’t really like how that’s changing.” Others added that it might depend on the app you’re using or the person you’re telling.A problem immediately ensues after Grizz cannot decide between Tracy and "Dot Com" Slattery (Kevin Brown) to be his best man.

Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) announces to The Girlie Show with Tracy Jordan (TGS) staff that Grizz Griswold (Grizz Chapman) will be getting married at the end of the month.But in broad terms the strategy to exclude the US dollar would establish a basket of alternative currencies including the Chinese yuan and renminbi, the Indian rupee, the Russian ruble and the euro.It could also feature the bolivarian sucre, a currency invented by former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to trade with regional allies. The government says the new system will de-link Venezuela from the US dollar and therefore insulate the Venezuelan economy against US sanctions, echoing a failed effort by Iran before oil sanctions were lifted last year.Energy minister Eulogio Del Pino, currently touring Opec and non-Opec countries seeking support for an extension of coordinated production cuts in effect since the start of this year, said earlier this week that Pd V soon will start selling oil to India invoiced in rupees and to China in yuan. But Pd V also hopes to start invoicing oil sales to Russian companies in rubles or euros, an energy ministry official in Caracas said."Maduro is seeking a way to live without the US dollar because Venezuela has run out of dollars, Pd V's dollar revenues are falling as its crude production continues to shrink, and Pd V and the government have about bn in bond principal and interest payments due starting next month," a financial sector executive tells Argus.But Maduro's attempt to decouple Venezuela's oil-based economy from the dollar is "destined to fail."Indian and Chinese clients that buy oil from Pd V could benefit from currency exchange arbitrage if their oil imports from Venezuela are invoiced in their respective national currencies instead of the dollar.It was written by 30 Rock producers Dylan Morgan, Paula Pell, and Josh Siegal.

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