Girls on skype who wanna chat

Today we’re giving those copy/pasting Omegle retards that nobody pays attention to, their 15 minutes of fame. By saying good things about yourself you only sound like a pretentious Jane Doe, but you didn’t even commit to that!

You know; the ones who copy/paste some bullshit and then run away? She basically just said “I work, study and take care of my children that aren’t mine all day, I have no time to socialize or learn proper grammar and I’m ready to retire. And does she really think that pasting this load of fuck on Omegle and running away is gonna get her anywhere? One third of the things you said were bad things, the other were basic shit that everybody else says, and the rest didn’t even make sense! Do I need to say how ignorant it is for her to ask for people from a very specific part of the world, on the internet?

hi, im Lyna 24 YO , im a new staff of an import-export company , so i need to improve my English expecialy speaking and listerning skill so im looking for goodfriends who wanna chat voice thru skype to practice English with me my skype nick is : lyna-eurasia; yahoo nick: honeyghost_dt Hi Lyna My name is Guido. my Skype username : raycharm2Hi everyone, I also need to practice English, but I don't speak very well, I'm brasilian, I have 26 years old and I would like make friends, follows my contacts; skype- kenny_carvalho msn- kennytrindade @ Hugs Kennyhi 2 all...!!

I'm living in Switzerland and I'm going to change my job. it is aneeq uz zaman from pakistan ,i have also need 2 speak english but i havnt suitable environment but if u give ds chance then its really great gift for me,m waiting for your responce...

Hello :) My name is nicholas - i live in norway right now, but have lived in england and germany too.

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My children are learning French quickly and I need to catch up!

Hello, I m zakaria from Morocco, My native language is Arabic but I'm a teacher of English.

I d like to meet Japanese people who are interested in exchanging ideas, perspectives and cultural backgrounds.

Hello, I am an Asian/ Canadian man,born in Canada , with plans to teach ESL in the future.

I enjoy learning and teaching in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. If you like movies and trying food from many countries, then we can practice, speaking english..

Bye and all the best, Guido Hi, I have just set up my skype mobile and I find it very useful to connect anyplance with wi-fi connectin, even though I don't have my computer with me. I have a university degree in Englisch and German and live in Germany. I am good at reading and writing, and to some extend good at speaking.

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