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There are definitely behaviors that we would look into. Unfortunately for them, I actually have physical contact with 550-pound animals.You know how a dog in a dog park will dry-hump another male? I've definitely seen male lions do that to each other — where they're like, "I'm going to show you who's boss and dry-hump you." I've never seen a male-male partnering where a female's been replaced with a male, but you see certain behaviors like that in any animal that has dominance in their social structure. And I don't think the two of them combined are 550 pounds.

Dave Salmoni started his career as an animal trainer at Bowmanville Zoological Prak.

When people talked about it at first, I didn't know how to respond to it.

Now, if people are going to talk about me in that way, I think it's awesome and superflattering — and hey, maybe I'll get a date out of it.

zoologist and predator expert Dave Salmoni spent six months alone in the African bush in an attempt to tame a rogue pride of highly aggressive "problem lions" for the sake of ecotourist safety and the creatures' own survival. Try interviewing Salmoni without falling prey to his hunky good looks and cuddly Canadian charm.

As an adorable 10-week-old lion cub named Shera sucks contentedly on his finger, the 33-year-old "big cat trainer" shows us how he whips gay fans into submission. Then you'll remember how it illustrates parallels between the African jungle and the high school jungle — survival of the fiercest and all that.

I was a horrible child — much like a male lion, I didn't like to take instruction — so the very first time my mom tried to give me a figure skating lesson, I just wouldn't listen to her. You've gone into a pride of lions, but have you ever been to a gay pride parade? Toronto just had its gay pride a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I had to miss the party.

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