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In March 1981, radio personality Howard Stern started his new morning program at WWDC in Washington, D. He wished for an on-air newscaster to riff with him in the studio on the news and current affairs.

Quivers currently resides in Manhattan, New York City.

Brandano, previously known as "Steve The Intern," answers Stern's phones, is a contributor on The Wrap-Up Show, and was formerly the host of the Thursday night intern show. 4, 1967) began working on The Howard Stern Show as an intern in 1998.

Bronk eventually earned a paid position conducting pre-interviews of show guests and gathering articles for Robin Quivers' news.

Before joining the show, Takei became popular among the cast after soundbites of his audiobook about his career on Star Trek were played on the show.

The clips stood out due to his deep baritone voice and pitch perfect enunciation, and, thus, were frequently played on the show.

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Robin Ophelia Quivers is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and first met Stern after being assigned as his newswoman at WWDC in March 1981.Quivers briefly left the show towards the end of her time at WWDC when Stern made a deal at WNBC in 1982, and did not realize WNBC initially refused to hire her.Quivers returned to the show at WNBC a month after Stern.From the mid-1990s until April 2007, her long-time boyfriend Tony was a man mysteriously referred to on the radio show as "Mr. On April 23, 2007, Quivers called in to the Bubba the Love Sponge Show on Howard 101, announcing their separation.In August 2007, comedian Jim Florentine asked Quivers on the air to go on a date with him.The test is designed to calculate one's degree of narcissism.

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