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I like both artists, but not those records as much as I like something like Lovesexy or Against The Wall. That might be the best thought out answer to that question I've ever had. So perhaps I will flag him down after his Annapolis show, introduce myself, and give him one last chance to make a choice.I have neither of those records but I have records of both artists.

Until the Ribbon Breaks founder and singer Pete Lawrie-Winfield explores the depths of his alcohol addiction and his recovery on the band’s latest album.

Every single time I walk out of there just like "Whoa." It's a lot. You see these nurses and doctors kicking so much ass and working so hard. So I harbor no aggression or rage towards this person.

They just love these people and they give everything to it. All that tough talk, you see ultimately to where it can lead. If there was a way more people could walk through that place and not inconvenience doctors and patients doing work or recovery, I think it would be very effective for having people rethink all of this stuff because it's a hell of a thing when you are close up on it. I prefer the Jackson 5 and a lot of Michael Jackson's stuff over a LOT of music in that it was pretty genius. I guess I'm just happy that she did read that letter I wrote her because she stopped making music. Thank you and again thank you for persevering on the phone I really appreciate it.

What if you reached out to your community in such a way that even my dad, who wouldn't be caught dead using cannabis, would think, "You know what, they roll it out so sensible. Maybe I should give it a shot." So my outreach would be demystifying it – on the de-stigmatizing of it. PTSD, all kinds of aches and pains people go through as they get older. I can't stand alcohol and I can't stand drugs. In my line of work I meet a lot of drunks and they're so unpleasant, more often than not.

I'm only 56 and, man, I snap, crackle and pop.

Now the states really have to give this a big think. But I think there is a meanness that comes with anyone who's selling anything and all they care about is money. In this new industry they can be part of something historically and culturally that's really cool. I don't know any other industry where you can turn things around in this way and do good. If I was in their shoes, I would be so aware of it and so looking to make good on that. And would make me really excited about working in that industry. What I'm basically detailing is many of the upsides of the medical application of cannabis. But what I'm saying is: there's your sustainability, where you're selling to these different demographics. [Laughs] It's for those guys who don't know what day it is. That it has all of these uses, that all kinds of people smoke it.

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