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Wilcannia is located 948 km north west of Sydney via the Great Western, Mitchell and Barrier Highways.

It is only 78 m above sea-level and the average rainfall is 252 mm per annum.

It is not uncommon to hear, in White Cliffs, Cobar or Broken Hill, people declaring that they drove through Wilcannia and did not stop because it looked so dangerous.

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Club Hotel (1879) The Club Hotel on Reid Street was built on the site of the town’s first hotel.The Athenaeum's original committee included Edward Dickens (Charles Dickens's son).London Standard Chartered Bank (1887) Further along Reid Street, over Byrne Street, is the London Standard Chartered Bank, a reminder of how in the 19th century, a bank could look more like an elegant house than a business building. It is now used as the Central Darling Shire Council Chambers.It is impossible to write about Wilcannia without discussing what white visitors describe as "the Aboriginal problem".There has long been a perception, fuelled by newspaper reports and images of groups of local Aborigines standing around outside the pubs in the main street, that the town is a hotbed of violence, dysfunctional behaviour and "problems".Constructed in locally quarried sandstone with rendered brick columns, it was designed for use as a jail by James Barnet.

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