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They are each presented with large illustrations or many smaller ones, and each spread has 13 facts and a special 1/2 one, which debunks popular misconception - adults will learn a thing or two there.

In fact, I was surprised by how few of these facts I had retained and found them interesting too.

Librarian Note: Publisher should not be listed as an author unless there is no other name known for author or editor Dorling Kindersley (DK) is a British multinational publishing company specializing in illustrated reference books for adults and children in 62 languages.

It is part of Penguin Random House, a consumer publishing company jointly owned by Bertelsmann SE & Co.

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Exploded images of everyday objects from cars and skeletons to pianos and chocolate take young readers on an incredible factual adventure.

It is going to make the perfect present for a friend's son.

The only criticism I have is that DK need to sort out their packaging - the book came in a jiffy envelope and was dinged in two places.

Did you know that one in every four animals on earth is a beetle?

That white chocolate isn't technical Learn something about everything with 13 mind-blowing facts plus a little myth-buster about every topic under (and including) the sun!

There are 176 pages and 13 1/2 incredible fascinating facts on each topic and a book that we came back to again and again over the Christmas period, to read, share and quiz each other on.

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