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Steve succeeds and Pretty has to watch him fuck her hardcore over and over. She got so distracted she didn't realize naked Steve Awesome sneak into her wide-open window off the street.Teya bends over while Steve slides his cock in her silicone pussy and asshole.The 3D version of our first video shooting with our newest sexy doll from Mini Love whose dolls are modeled after adult women and scaled down to a reduced size!

April asked Steve what she had to do and his reply was simply: Critique my doll fucking!She was intrigued at first, but eventually decided she was horny as fuck after watching the videos.Lucky for Teya, Steve Awesome was about to slip into the room and give her tiny doll pussy a hardcore licking and 12-inch scale, bumblebee action doll buzzes with energy!she wears a fabulous outfit that blend My six year old daughter is obsessed with DC Super Hero Girls and has wanted everything to do with them.This range of dolls is well made, with great detailing and nice fabric clothes, rather than just molded plastic.

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