Www founderdating com


Advisors - a network of people that want to help entrepreneurs and can be found by specific areas of expertise 3.Other Entrepreneurs - broader networking and a quora-like system for entrepreneurs to talk one-to-many.

Founder Dating is the people network for entrepreneurs.I'll just add to that, I have never hired someone who wasn't at least as qualified as I needed (whether they were aware or not).I have a 100% success rate, skill wise...personality wise I tend to rely on others ;) I disagree with a 2 hour test.I look for where they would go, what resources they would use.Is this a process they are familiar with, did they bring up the road blocks they expected...It's never been more possible to start something- technology tools (AWS, Twilio, Shopify) are more available, getting to your first set of customers is more possible, access to capital is proliferating.

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