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The man inside was there, as were many of his friends, which meant that the attendees were a hodgepodge of the most notable lawyers and doctors and businessmen in Terrell, Texas.Anybody compiling a list of local luminaries back then might have placed the name of the man inside at or near the top.He had been in Los Angeles a few years, a twenty-one-year-old whose naturally rosy cheeks and guileless smile make him appear much younger.The biggest gig on his résumé was a Toys "R" Us commercial, and like many struggling actors, Schrack tried to squeeze in so many auditions that he didn't have time to properly research the roles he was reading for.Just outside, hidden in a moving van, there were at least a half dozen more people -- local city cops, the so-called Takedown Team -- all armed and ready to spring at a moment's notice.A couple of months ago, when Schrack showed up at an audition at the NBC studios in Burbank, California, he hadn't really known what he was getting himself into.

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At first the camera is static and the shot is simple: the cop, the gateway, vertical red fence planks, a right foreground portion of green bush.The cameraman pulls back, revealing again all the ingredients at once: the bush, the cop, the wheelbarrow, the red fence.A few seconds of this and then the view drifts upward to a chaos of tree branches against an overcast November sky. Even on the basis of just those two syllables, most would intuit that the owner of the voice is either a radio or television reporter.Eventually, the man is invited over to the wired house for a liaison.When he arrives, Chris Hansen confronts him with a printout of Perverted Justice's chat transcripts and attempts to interview him.His high school class, of which he was president, had voted him most likely to succeed, and he had done so.

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