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What do you see Ibiza becoming after your residency finishes this year? You can imagine the amount of people that have come and gone, how many clubs and ideas have risen and fallen, how many sunsets and sunrises I've seen.

Everything that I’ve experienced, everything to do with my life and my vision and my ideas and what I’ve stood for over the last 15 years of Space, is about to come to an end. People that were really into music, really into the ideals of what Space was about, are gone.

We sat down with techno king ahead of his jaunt over Australia for Pure, a two-date monster techno party in Sydney and Melbourne next month featuring Joseph Capriati, Format: B, DJHMC, and Eric Powell.

People know that if I throw a party it doesn’t have to be for an hour and half, that it can be somewhere between four, six and eight hours.

When I got asked to do Tuesday nights - there’s was no nightclub in that space.

The only official after hours club that would start at 7 o'clock in the morning and go all the way through until the day - Space was the only club that did that.

It’s a really happy bond between all of us, which accentuates itself onto the dancefloor. That’s when you get DJs working alongside other DJs. I think the music industry needs to show a bit more collectiveness. I want to bust out that record that you’ve never heard before and rock the dancefloor.

They’re all my mates, I love them for whatever he or she does and they’re playing in front of an audience that I have created. And for me that's why it’s called Pure and it’s why I really want people to come.

And what will retirement for Carl Cox actually look like?

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