Vicki gunvalson dating brooks ayers


We have come to realize that one can indeed love someone in their heart, but that the time may come for their lives to take separate paths.Though the remaining episodes of Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County will show us as a couple, the filming took place in January 2015 through May 2015.

We both wish nothing but a great future for each other.Flash forward to this season's reunion special, which just aired its second part last night, and Briana revealed that she'd witnessed Brooks getting physical with Vicki, shaking her forcefully in front of people.Hitting on Briana Briana also alleged during last night's reunion that Brooks had hit on her when she was pregnant, offering to show her his, erm, member and claiming he was nicknamed "Girth Brooks." (You can watch the clip here.) Briana claimed that when she told her mother this, Vicki didn't believe her, accused her of lying, and said Brooks would never want her.Vicki Gunvalson is dating someone new, but already, her new man has faced some shocking allegations.Following a highly controversial relationship with Brooks Ayers, which seems to be continuing into the 11th season of , Gunvalson's new man has been accused of using a fake name to ‘mislead’ voters in an election.reunion special in 2013, Vicki's daughter Briana revealed that Brooks told her husband to "start hitting [her] to get her to fall in line"—a statement that was apparently caught on a recording.

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