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Now this may perhaps like an obvious insight but a staggering 40% of the major US e-commerce checkouts we benchmarked show shipping speeds instead of delivery dates.If nearly half of major e-commerce sites fail on the presentation of their delivery speeds despite the serious capital and tech resources at their disposal, then it’s probably likely for even the best of us to stumble in this area. In practice, there’s a whole host of details to get right when estimating the delivery date, as well as changes in user perception that should be accounted for.Both of these reasons are poor, although the latter is more understandable – the implementation of delivery dates isn’t necessarily the easiest of changes you can make to your checkout process.It is, however, one of the more important changes, considering how big of an impact the price and speed of the available shipping options have on users (we’ve found that 61% of users have abandoned checkouts solely due to too-high extra costs, and 16% due to too-slow shipping).(mine is for 4 facilities and 24 workgroups) The numbers don't mean anything right now as it is a proof of concept that hasn't been implemented yet. I edited the title and added the Templates tag to this post.Although we don't have a public customer template gallery, you're welcome to share your original sheet to anyone that requests with Viewer permissions.

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There are two plausible reasons an e-commerce site would display “shipping speed” rather than “delivery date”.

below is a sample of the code which is repeated down 3 columns for 24 total work groups (I've shown 5 of the workgroups).

I haven't found any other way to do what I want and this works perfectly in getting me the numbers I desire, but the speed makes it almost un-useable.

The sheet still has its moments when it gets laggy, but for how complex and long the code is that's understandable.

In fact this sheet is probably useable as a template for most companies. I wouldn't mind sharing if there is a forum for submitting and viewing templates.

Storeroom-Logistics" " " [Audit Cycle (date)]1, $concatenation:$[Shine Average], 19, false), LOOKUP("6.

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