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Wednesday’s scenes were a far cry from last year’s festival, which was deemed the muddiest ever.The festival’s main stages open today with British band Radiohead headlining the Pyramid Stage this evening.For the vast majority, a visit to the Glastonbury Festival involves very little sleep in a stuffy, cramped tent surrounded by thousands of other campers.But for those with a bit of cash to spare, the event can be enjoyed in luxury.Besides the eye-catching tents - they are colour-coded to denote their size and cost and help guests find their way around - there are also wooden cabins known as podpads and luxury Mongolian-style yurts.Tents on the site range in price from around £285 for a two-person scout-style for five nights and up to £995 for an eight-person classic scout- style.A basic podpad sleeping two is priced at £375 for five nights, while a bunkpad, which sleeps up to four, costs £725.

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Indeed, with an estimated 200,000 guests this year, Glastonbury is now the equivalent of one of the biggest 'cities' in the south of England - comprising one million square metres of camping across the 900-acre site.

The 2,000 sq ft Tenthouse Suite at the Pop-Up Hotel comes with four bedrooms, its own porch and access to an outdoor pool.

The 2,000 sq ft Tenthouse Suite at the Pop-Up Hotel comes with four bedrooms, its own porch and access to an outdoor pool South Western Ambulance Service said at least 38 people had been treated by paramedics by 2.30pm alone, with the number expected to rise into triple figures.

It’s bigger than my house in terms of floor space, it’s massive - it’s 2000sq ft.‘It’s shabby-chic, boho style. The perception is maybe luxury but it is still a tent in a field.‘We hope that it is in the spirit of Glastonbury but with creature comforts.

It’s for people that want to party hard but have the comfort to stay overnight.’On the festival site itself, the Worthy View campsite is popular with middle-class families looking for security, and foreign festival-goers who don’t want to bring camping equipment on their travels.

They can pay anything up to £995 for the duration of the festival, and that's before food and booze.

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