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Conversely the show also has a strong became a plot point in one of the episodes."They're just punking us now," I thought to myself.) Aria's affair with her high school English teacher is a major ongoing storyline in the show.While watching with my friend recently, I noted that maybe the least creepy guy on the show started his run by literally living in the vents at their high school like a homeless are the opposite.

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Emily's storyline about coming out as a lesbian and her subsequent relationships are treated exactly the same as her straight friends, including scenes of kissing and intimacy.Hanna starts the show by wanting to have sex with her conservative boyfriend and vocalizing that urge in a fairly straightforward way.After their break-up she does eventually sleep with new boyfriend Caleb (Tyler Blackburn).On love interests come and go but the bond between our fierce foursome remains constant.Their supportive friendship is the central relationship of the show and all other storylines radiate from this connection like the spokes on a wheel.This, in my opinion, acts as a metaphor for the experiences of teenage girls as they begin to renegotiate their interactions and relationships to the boys and men in their lives.

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