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In an island with my special someone Star Powerhouse started way back in 2011 as an entertainment blog that delivers anything and everything that is happening in the international and local entertainment scene.serves as a temporary shelter for the unwed pregnant mothers and an orphanage for the children born there.Artista Salon also sponsored a free hair makeover and facial to the residents, they also awarded start-up packages to 10 single mom beneficiaries.Kim became a hair stylist for a day as she joined Artista Salon’s experienced hairdressers in giving some of the girls in the shelter a quick hair makeover.Such themes were presented to the "juries and audiences" of the Madrid exposition in order to satisfy the "erudition-quotient" essential to the conservative scholarly Neoclassicism of Hidalgo and Luna while they were spending time in Europe.

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Like they say in fast food chains, the ever patient Kiko is “Willing To Wait” for that proper time. For MORE KIM RODRIGUEZ PHOTOS and UPDATES Like Rain CHECK on Facebook or FOLLOW me on Twitter at @raindeocampo – CLICK KIM’s PHOTO BELOW for more watermark-free pics of the event last Wednesday or CHECK OUT the youtube video below this post for my exclusive interview with Kim.

And not just any church, but the third most important site in Catholicism after Jerusalem and Rome.

It´s essentially the same vista, we were told, that millions of pilgrims down the centuries also saw when they walked for weeks from all parts of Europe to converge on this ancient city to pay homage to the apostle St.

As for plans about Binibining Pilipinas and in going sexy, Kim said that she’s still not ready and that NOW is still not the right time.

Doors are still open and KIM can only get more prettier.

I don’t listen to Britney, so I can’t guarantee that this is actually Britney on the song, but if isn’t, it is a demo track for her.

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