Lonely love dating site

“I wish success to all the people of the site and thank the site owners.” Another man from Iraq was looking for a second wife.He wrote: “I’m a Muslim want second wife to complete my imam and live happy.

I was looking for woman who does not talk and will blow herself up if I command it. He said: “I cannot speak for previous operations by the group Anonymous, but anything to dismantle ISIS online, is a positive thing.” The Sun Online has contacted Islamic Marriage for comment.

“I look for a wife to love and spend pleasant times together everywhere.

Meet once at certain sweet romantic places such as Turkey, to make sweet memories of love.” Another from Mosul said: “I’m 33 yrs old, Iraqi, married man, live in Iraq.

A lonely penguin at an aquarium in England is hoping to find a mate by creating a profile on the dating website Plenty of Fish.

Spruce the penguin's dating profile states the 1-year-old Humboldt penguin is a "Single Penguin looking for Chicks," as he was unable to find a mate among the 13 other penguins at his home in the Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park.

Maybe you've heard it all before, maybe it doesn't apply to you, maybe you've got the dating thing down -- it doesn't matter.

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