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Meanwhile, tremors from Moscow haunt this strangely happy micro-nation.Communism is crumbling, much like the ailing Leonid Brezhnev.Eden's Revenge is the heart-stopping third episode in the Eden Saga.Eden's Trial Barry Kirwan First contact did not go well.

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Stained Glass Bernie Pilarski What place does religion have in lives convoluted by divorce, hate, and sexuality?

Both Poland and Czechoslovakia desire their halves of North Moravia.

Only ancient legends and a mysterious tower deep in the woods hold the keys to the country's survival.

It Walked Among Us Amanda Summerbell Detective Frank Milsner is tortured by the long-unsolved mutilation of his niece, Maggie.

James Wilkerson is an alcoholic bearing scars of his upbringing by his brilliant but volatile surgeon father, Evan.

Survivors are fleeing Earth, into a hostile galaxy where alien intelligence and weaponry rule. Or will the genetically engineered Alicians finish the job started on Eden?

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