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Not only do we offer you products, but also branding with many of our products customisable to promote your brand using your corporate identity (logo, contact information, etc.).Our in-house team works with your pre-designed files to promote your company at sporting events, corporate sponsorship days and even in retail with our beds branded under your name.You are very good at looking after people but make sure they genuinely need your help and are not using you as a crutch or worse, using an illness real or imagined, to control you.Soul Power Number 29 If you are born on the 29 of any month you have come in on an incredible soul-learning curve and coping with the unexpected is all part of that.Soul Power Number 11 The 11 is a power number in both systems of numerology as it cannot be reduced when making calculations based around the name or long term future.It asks that you be aware of this power as those born on this day have chosen to come in and learn the power they have over their own lives.

Your feelings run deep – perhaps deeper than you yourself are aware of.With this soul power number you can expect a rebirth, spiritual awakening or some form of transformation to occur in your life at some point.When this happens know this has occurred to ensure you are on the path towards purpose. Very often those born on this day who pursue material goals end up disappointed.Usually 11’s have to cope with tragedies or traumatic experiences.Your number will allow you to transcend these and funnily enough, you will also get to experience the complete opposite of these – physical pleasure and even luxury – during your lifetime.In your life you will arrive at many crossroads where big decisions have to be taken.

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