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" Parsons revealed, explaining, "Here's what happens: you can't sit in both."Cuoco—who donned a Marchesa gown—interrupted him, asking, "Do you hear this?

Whatever the case was, there was a bizarre irony as The Big Bang Theory rolled out its season opener on CBS Monday, as the characters of Leonard and Penny, played by real-life exes Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco respectively, exchanged vows to kick off the Chuck Lorre comedy's 10th season.

'Everyone was always asking, and we deny-deny-denied.

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Mock wedding: Kaley (second from right) shared a faux shot from the filming with her Instagram followers, including Jack Mc Brayer as her character's brother Randall (left), Katey Sagal as her character's mother Susan (second from left), Galecki as her new husband (centre) and Judd Hirsch as the Galecki character's father Alfred Cuoco had played a ditzy blonde Bridget Hennessy, the family's eldest daughter.Obviously, as different as she and I are—certainly as different as the characters are—that may not seem like the most logical thing to say, but as performers, she and I work very easily together.The first time we rehearsed [the kiss], it was literally just like an extension of the verbal dance we've been doing for eight and a half years.Yet despite her family's arrival on the scene, Penny's surname, infamously a longtime secret, remained so. The tenth season premiere was not, in fact, the true beginning of Penny and Leonard's marriage. The multiple Emmy winner gives the most nuanced, exquisitely complicated performance as Sheldon Cooper on about what it was like to make out with Kaley Cuoco in that dream sequence, how he approached his rock-star moment singing Queen, and what he thinks of Leonard and Sheldon's new living arrangement.

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