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She first arrived in Syracuse in 2005 after she married Rob Murphy, who had become an assistant basketball coach for Jim Boeheim.

It's something I believe she is naturally great at," Rob Murphy said. It has come with cooperation from two people who met in 2003 and have been married 11 years.

"The sacrifices she made in being a coach's wife, then getting pregnant with R. It has come with doubts and worries, and yes, a few tears.

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She would advance past the steppingstone tasks of producing and morning anchoring to a reporter position at News Channel 9 and then a coveted spot on the station's morning Bridge Street talk show.

The daughter of a military man, she craved the comforts of Syracuse, a place she resided longer than any other.

She missed friends, she missed the easy interactions at Wegmans and the drug store, where people addressed her by name and engaged in conversations.

"And I don't know, I'm the weird girl that liked that line." "I don't know if I was trying to run some game or if I knew what I was talking about," Rob Murphy said, "but I did say that to her." They dated for two years before marrying in 2005.

By then, Boeheim had hired Murphy as an assistant coach. In 2008, she quit her job to stay home with her kids.

She would rely, perhaps, on connections the family made here to ease into the TV market.

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