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PHOTOS: What Octomom does all day The controversial mom — whose 14 children were conceived via in-vitro fertilization, which included a set of octuplets in January 2009 — said she met her new man "through church" and their age difference is not a problem. Suleman told 's Nischelle Turner she'd do porn to keep a roof over her children's head.

"If it's a job, and it's a well-paying job, and it's gonna allow me to get out of here and move in a very safe, huge home that they deserve, I'm gonna do it," she explained.

bidder will hear if they win a date with Octomom ...

because the mother of 14 has officially put herself up for auction to earn some cold, hard cash.

The circumstances of their high order multiple birth led to controversy in the field of assisted reproductive technology as well as an investigation by the Medical Board of California of the fertility specialist involved.

Public reaction turned negative when it was discovered that Suleman already had six other young children and was unemployed and on public assistance programs.

The Suleman octuplets are only the second full set of octuplets to be born alive in the United States.

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As a Valentine's Day treat, Jimmy Kimmel welcomed The Octomom to the show last night and recreated "The Dating Game." Her idenity, of course, was hidden from the three bachelors who were forced to make up poems about her lips and explain what they'd do if they were attacked by a band of rabid toddlers.

In her profile, Octo says she has 14 kids, loves to work out and loves to laugh ... This is the latest in a slew of ploys to earn more green off her Octo fame.

If you recall she also signed up for a website where she can beg her fans for money ...

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Don't know if the latter was a reference to the Octomom's army of children, but either way, the lucky bachelor better be prepared for anything.

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