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To do this, disconnect HAC from the Xbox One Controller, then power the Xbox One off completely. Once the Xbox One has completed start-up, plug the adapter back into the Xbox One Controller. When I try to change the volume by pressing the VOLUME button on the right, both the Game and Chat volume go up and down. To make Game Audio louder than Chat Audio and vice versa, press the left button in the direction that you would prefer to make louder (GAME or CHAT). How do I raise the Bass Boost on the Headset Audio Controller? To change the Bass Boost Mode, press the button with the Turtle Beach palm tree icon. There are three settings: Off (One Tone), Low (Two Tones), and High (Three Tones). What is the difference between the Headset Audio Controller and the Xbox Stereo Headset Adapter? The Ear Force Headset Audio Controller is manufactured Turtle Beach and features mic monitoring and an additional bass boost control.

There are three settings: Off (LED not lit) , Low (LED Low), and High (LED High).

The XO Four Stealth includes the Ear Force Headset Audio Controller.

It's also available for purchase on our website: Headset Audio Controller.

This article describes the buttons and functions of the Ear Force Headset Audio Controller(HAC).Below the diagram are common game audio and chat questions/issues that people may have with the Headset Audio Controller. How do I make Game Audio louder than Chat Audio, or Chat Audio louder than Game Audio? First, set the overall volume level you prefer by pressing the Volume button accordingly: Top part of the button = Raise Volume, Lower part of the button = Lower Volume.Then, press the left button in the direction depending on whether you want to make Game Audio louder than Chat, or vice-versa.We want to give the kids in our house access to the games we green light, but we don’t want them to access the Steam store, the community generated content, to chat with anyone, or to mess around with our profiles.You can adjust the settings for your own family as you see fit. On the next screen, seen above, you’ll be prompted to select which games you want to include in the new Family mode.Let’s say you set up a Steam account for your child so that you two can play multiplayer Steam games together.

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