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1st leg will be played here:

Here are our twitch links so you choose which match you like to watch, and give us your support.TBA Streaming area: [img] Extra photos of the Bar itself: [img] [img] 12 TVs and 1 Projector for local streaming! Start of the tournament: 8th of January (tournament will finish before Tomorrowlan 2) Sign up fee: €50 per team Prizes: The total of the combined sign up fees (so €400 for 8 teams, €600 for 12, €800 for 16 etc.) Teams: Minimum amount of 8 teams, max of 32 Team size: 5-8 players Format: Groups play-offs, all matches BO3.Exact format will be announced when the amount of teams is confirmed Map pool: Burgundy, Carentan, Dawnville, Matmata, Toujane Rule set: CG rules Admins: vioqor & Hatton Changes to teams throughout tournament: -Roster locks at 06/01/18 -You may add 2 subs during groupstage so long as they have not played for another team during the groupstage -You may add 2 subs during playoffs so long as they have not played for another team during the playoff -Roster cannot exceed 8 players at any time Payment options: Paypal and bank transfer (paypal preferred).[sm-fire] [IMG][/IMG] Check the hotels in the area: Click here (Not sure if it's showing in Hungarian or not, let me know) The cheapest Hotel is offering their rooms for €18/day, but as you can see there are couple of more hotels around for different prices.Hotel #1: Click here Hotel #2: Click here (You can change the language on top of the site) [img] [img] Hello, We are pleased to announce that we will organize a Call of Duty 1 LAN in the capital city of Hungary in February, 2018. Date: – – three-day event Venue: Infinity Esport Bar - Német utca 2. Entry fee: 35.000.-HUF (~112.-EUR) Payments will be open from Monday.mateo, Zacy, GUDELj8) ETRONICA(h1z 4) BALAVCiii(tba) I dont want to write anything until i see if we have your support, so please leave a comment about one whos surely come or guys who wanna make it happen.

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