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To stand i onversing in liic path, Bcsutf Uiat mortal frame, ustediy*-" l«pw»rt Brprt»r-i tt n Z ^dreamt howhm iiif »y ' J aa w e d to probe^juid pwaif Exain Tnlng him from liead t O toot. ' With general polhng th'roiighout Canada on Tuesday, thir-tmhf^ timi? - j;^ vender Cottage, View Royal, B c T Mi Mb 21, 1840. to re call the « 68t amazing riddle :n public life, whirli_ia, Jhat free people Hvtng^ undg mgmocrat ic I6rmi"6f to«em^- ment In^a free country continue somewhat apa- thetic to the first of their privile KCs, the use of the ballot. It has been said of Hi.s di.'jciplcs that "something lived 111 them which came from no uiw liul Him Who wa5 their Riica Master. TVMDAT^ CHOICE Sir, — The Con.servatlve party has an unique opportunity on th" tjventy-sisth to sweep the country forward to better thinp.';. it- is an idle, niischievous pi fitest JJhat^permlts ininoi ity rule to speak for the country as a wh ile. seeds of its own destruction, bility In the af Talrs of State, ind dftsatl Sfiet Rm generally. Minority rule carries the makes for insta T^'s not his iiead," I heard one say, "Tht£ aeems in order still- It's n(jt his fiiimr. It wa.s well made, not ill " The other spirit, lookmg, aaid: "Perhaps, it is his hearti" i- • • ■ • In the spirits stooping Opened up las breast— And t ! We oltcn complain that we c«n t pet *ucce.v(ful businessmen to offer tiieir servloea for the adminis- tration of our city, provincial a^0 At the la&t Dominion by-eiectlon. Also, failure to vote Is a negative aefc,-)niir and light pole Is beau4^- fully decorated. ha about^l we months ' time, when the tourists are here 'to see the Island views.

The many ns.sorted recommenda- tlona wera ron.'-ldered In part and the balance stood over until the final pre-election Cabinet meeting on Monday. Manion was bol- i sferin^ the Gernian morale and cau Mii K a dl.' -.service to Canada':; 4 war eff At In making statements wltb Wg MFd to U)e troops not being properly equipped, the ? He .'■«i(t thai 1)1 Munion was putting his de-Ire for public of- fice ahead of the Job that the coun- try had to 4p, SAY CANADA WAS PSEFABID Mr. ^ In thtsa atirring times you cannot afford to raias the nisw C casts . Hear and k now the wea lth of entertainment that is youri for fhe touch of a buttofjk . Rich, mellow tone and Rrcat power, improved gentle *ction push button tuning, bandsprr^i'l ( ') dial for .

WJijic tjjf|3tjirare record train reserve tlon&, many Britons wtio had kept their cars in atorage because of a-artlme gaaq^l Tttf rationing got them otit for the Easier week-end. The entire school of 100 pupils attended and after- wards, under Forester Ciarman'.': direction, working in five crews of twenty each, took an active hand in planting on the east slope of the grounds, the srore.s of .seedling Douglas firs which had jii.'t that momtng-arrlvea'Tr Qm the "nursery at New Westminster. The pioneers of this continent 4and most of the men who fc^lowed tliem. l«»*i*e ri MT, Central BMl MHii «a v W» SI at Braa S. Sui U and Toj H otiis You may select any fabric and we'll make you really drcs Md-up tiris Spring. March 23 O^.^l Vit Coirihien Ind Apendentt received 1.9 per t ent more vot M .'than Social Creditcrs in ^ ^ the Alberta provincial general al Mtion, accordin|^ to m- •complctt, unofficial iicur«i. This, indeed, was a record lala— dua to tha genuine hargains— every sin^la. • fhtif p t tf h t&m fto latt^ptrliips thty wtra s1(cp~ ical at that time— but here is the opportunity once mora to buy cars wg art ferctd to.sacrif ica in order to obtain more space m this large but crowded garaft. Tfela rulf adteiu •f ■• anaptioa No Mtar aaeu M wm4 Mt vartfi lo Irnith. Th ere ls spiritual failure nmnlnt throu Rh all the warp and woof of hfc: therr is th" u ,i! of the in- cessant j Kitlcementa of evil; mm IS ttie inevita- ^bl Mty of death. Inviting the public io donate dollars to fill these spaces j Tlie card was full In a short time.

Hundreds rif f'ther."; who rouldn f afford cats "or railway tickets used blrycjes for trips to the aeashore, where many hotels and boarding hoi L-ies posted "full up" slffns. prompted by the need for till- able land or by the commercial i lue of the wood, had made the utting down of trees "as ruthlessly and cheaply as possible," a guiding principle, Principal Smith. *Tht figurea wart baat^-tnr ftrtt counts : , _ With complete returns received 1 110,713 or 4fl 9 per tern i^f thp plec- froin ©nly twenty of t h e i w tyn tne ^i Hhf e r -ppo6ing Social Credit. If you arc interested and sacking a REAL BUY wc urge you to act without delay. LIFT LP YOLK HEARTS 'Thi.s is thp day of man's resurrection, thf birthday of eternal llfe^ The early Chn^tiaii.s aaw In (he Ant-lap Ur ^ moral of hew man s fbes. Thoee who would learn from tiie rarly Christians, therefore, have to realize that the Re surrection was allied with the Crucifixion* that ihey were one act with one purpose. ' The one week extension period decided upon when the campaign was \ obtaining •uf Hclent money after the flrst week, will be up on Tuesday, but cam- paign officials said last night there IS a possibility a further extension of time w Ul be made.

iaitant, rrprnach in 'all , llnquent In their voluntary duty. The Oes U Chria U are the greatest fi' ts in the hi.';tory~of the human race. Tnii that Man awakening ^(l Ulul Ills world new and gay. You Political Mc-tings Mcvct Will "MRTIES" PLAN TO DIVIDE •THE SCARCITY - W» Plan to V^in f S« War With Ot BTFREE MONEY and Rtitaic ABUNDANCE' BEFORE YOU CAST YOUR VOTE .

It has been argued that failure of qualified electors to vote is a form of protest against cour dilions of tne day. They shine as a light that all may follow on Ih* road to Ctemal JJfe. Wi Mi Eden for the making, He found the better way; And all the beauties of the Earth o D-hla new-found day.

Tliat is an ultimatum to the people that savors more of Totalitarianism than Democracy. For the beneflt of those , who And enter- tainment in Identifyln R plates that do not have the yellow numerals on a black background. Ai, A, j a mui wminaw i »oum suggest that the doora^ wa Us and V v.- m grounds of the Parliament Buildin Ks are vacant, and Queen Victoria wpuia add Jlig Dlty t O- a-few proml- nently displayed on her ttali UL. WINDSO* l Mmrortant t» .^eem^ to m" l,«-.e to Aght for ml WILLIAM P Nm LESHIP ins Priojce^s Avenue, Victoria, SC.

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