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Then I was hyper-aware of appearing like a dirty old man, and would slam the lid on any hint of flirtation or salaciousness as if battening down a cellar door on zombies. Then I woke up the day after my 40th birthday and — waaah!

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A 2007 study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that the majority of older people who were married or had intimate partners were sexually active well into their 80s.Your sex life reaches its peak in your 60s, according to a new report.The eighth annual Singles in America survey was taken by more than 5,000 single people in the US.But now, 20 years on, although our affection continues to deepen, we’ve been through medical problems big and small (an operation on my hands meant I couldn’t prop myself up in bed, know what I mean?), career ups and downs and the pressing matter of ailing parents. My 20s were an embarrassing chaos: sending that message to the girl who isn’t your girlfriend; hovering around the office kitchen hoping to bump into the hot new girl at work; the tragi-comedy of the walk of shame when she ignores your flirtations.While many think younger people have a better time knocking boots, the recent survey revealed it actually gets better with age.

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