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Gross concealed the scheme by sending her phony tax forms and account statements, they added.

J.' called the broker to talk over the investments, but it was actually Gross speaking in a disguised voice on the other line, prosecutors said. J.' wired close to million to an account she believed belong to the company but actually did not exist, prosecutors said.

You might wonder why do Jewish women wear skirts and no pants?

Why do orthodox Jewish women cover their hair with a wig, hat or kerchief (called a "tichel" by orthodox Jews).

He has turned out at least a half dozen books, but told a judge he only had limited funds.

At a brief court appearance Thursday, Gross said he couldn't afford an attorney because he only had ,000 in cash and no money in any other accounts.

She even turned her son's bedroom into an office so he could move in, the complaint said.

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