Dating daze

Buster replaces his apple with a pineapple, and when he returns to his desk, Sam is there, as he found out Buster is the culprit.

He sends Buster to the Principal's office, and Buster reluclantly obeys him. Buster tells him he was sent to the principal's office, much to Plucky's horror.

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He constantly disrupts Sam's class, and Sam threatens to send the culprit to the principal's office.He tells him that as a hero to the other students, he has a reputation to live up to, and that none of them will respect him if he has such high spirits on his way to the principal's. As he approaches the principal's office, The Great and Powerful Principal of Looniversity talks to him about what he did in Yosemite Sam's class.The Great and Powerlful Principal of Looniversity thinks up an appropriate punishment for him, including confiscating his stereo.Buster and Babs tell the viewers that while most of the students have lunch in the cafeteria, Bookworm, as the smartest student in class, has his lunch at the Looniversity Library.In the third act, Buster and Babs tell the viewers about the Looniversity faculty, including Pete Puma the Janitor, and Foghorn Leghorn, who assigns his students surprise pop quizzes.As Buster goes up the stairs on his way to the principal's office, Babs is dressed in a mourning gown, crying, as she has heard what has happened.

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