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Henney starred in his first feature film in Korea, Seducing Mr. His second film, My Father, won multiple awards in South Korea and Henney became the first foreigner to swept all the major cinema awards in the Best New Actor category.

In 2009, he portrayed Agent Zero in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. David Lee" in the CBS television drama Three Rivers.

But now he can have daily conversation in Korean and interpreted when his parents visited to South Korea.

Maggie Q(born May 22, 1979) is an American actress and model.

Daniel Henney models the new designs along with an on-camera “romantic interest,” but it is his true love, Mango, that has his full attention, as the pooch joins him in the March pages of Cosmopolitan Korea. And don’t forget that Daniel will be on TV again with the premiere of © Couch Kimchi, 2010-2018.

In 2010, Henney returned to South Korea television for KBS2's The Fugitive: Plan B, alongside Rain and actress Lee Na-young.

Since 2012, Henney has appeared in several American TV series.

But after three years since they separated, Maggie Q said that, “Daniel Heney’s fans seem to be interested in our relationship because he became a world star.” and “I don’t think that our relationship is special, but it seems that we can’t be good friends.” The reason is “I love Korean movies, but I have not seen the movies that Henny is appearing.

That’s why we can’t be good friends, but I’m sure to see them soon”, she said. He thinks a woman who has good humor and laugh with him is good.

Daniel Henney(born November 28, 1979) is an actor and model succeed in Korean and USA.

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