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The complainant said the actor, whose actual name is Ravi Kapoor, is her aunt's son.In her complaint to the Director General of Police, Himachal Pradesh, she said the incident took place in Shimla in January, 1971, when she was 18 and the actor was 28.

"My clients had worked very hard for the project under their brand name AJTM, as it was their golden entry into Bollywood. Shraddha Kapoor, they put their heart and soul into this project titled Haseena Parkar”, designers' lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee was quoted as saying to the leading daily.

However, such publicity coverage never happened and, hence the designers were forced to take the legal move.

Haseena Parkar chronicles the journey of Haseena, Dawood Ibrahim’s sister from teenage to the time when she was 40-year-old.

The designers filed the complaint because Shraddha Kapoor allegedly did not promote fashion label 'AJTM' during Haseena Parkar’s promotional activities in violation of an agreement.

The designers claimed that they delivered some 300 outfits which were used in Haseena Parkar and in return the makers promised good media coverage of their brand.

Each historian was setting out to prove that his country was the oldest, a matter of prestige to the new Macedonian rulers.

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